Ritual Theatre:

Schrader, Claire (2011).  Ritual Theatre:  The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal  Development.   Groups and Clinical Practice.  Jessica Kingsley website

Brook, P. (1968) The Empty Space. London: Penguin.

Brook, P. ( 1993) There Are No Secrets. London: Methuen.

Campbell, (1971) Portable Jung.

Turner, V. (1982) From Ritual to Theatre: The Human Seriousness of Play


Theatre of the Oppressed‎

Theatre of the Oppressed was born in 1971, in Brazil, under the very young form of Newspaper Theatre , with the specific goal of dealing with local problems – soon, it was used all over the country. Forum Theatre came into being in Peru, in 1973, as part of a Literacy Program; we thought it would be good only for South America– now it is practiced in more than 70 countries. Growing up, TO developed Invisible Theatre in Argentina, as political activity, and Image Theatre to establish dialogue among Indigenous Nations and Spanish descendants, in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico… Now these forms are being used in all kinds of dialogues.
Established by Boal for the continuation and support of the Theatre of the Oppressed form.

Playback Theatre‎

Interactive and spontaneous, playback theatre bases its material on the stories of the community. In theatres, workshops, and a wide range of educational and organizational settings, Playback Theatre draws people together and allows fresh perspectives.


Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy.  By Natalie Rogers


Liz Lerman | Dance Exchange
Liz Lerman is a choreographer, performer, writer, educator, and speaker. Described by the Washington Post as “the source of an epochal revolution in the scope and purposes of dance art,” her dance/theater works have been seen throughout the United States and abroad.

Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance Guidelines.

1.  Move however you wish

2.  No talking on the dance floor

3.  Respect yourself and one another


American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama
Provides information on its mission, membership, news, a bibliography, psychodrama, sociometry, events, conferences, a research and practice journal, regional …



International Expressive Arts Therapy Association‎
The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) supports artists, educators, consultants and therapists using multi-modal expressive arts …‎Professional Registration – ‎IEATA Membership – ‎Conference – ‎About IEATA



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