Foa Kinfyre – Ensemble – (they, she) is a multi-disciplinary ceremonial artist, dream tracker and somatic educator in the Feldenkrais Method. Sexuality, nature, sensation, ancestry/inheritance and the regenerative/degenerative axis are fundamental to their process and work.

NPR named Foa’s debut music project one of the top 100 bands to see at SXSW’s 2019 Dream Pop Showcase. Their second album, Ancient Powers will be released by summer 2022.

Namoi’s Last Dresshttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=npNwRFMYhEI 
I sleephttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QbrXvcxfp8U

Kristina Yates – Ensemble – (she, her, hers)

Kristina, who is a self-identified queer woman, was raised near the Smoky Mountains by a single mom who had a 9th grade education, and she is the first to attend college in her family.  When she was 23 years old she traveled overland to India from Europe.  After 3 years of traveling she found herself in the Hospital for Mental Diseases in New Delhi where she received forced electroshock.  After her release she went on to finish college, get a fellowship and a Master’s degree in psychology.  While in grad school she became an activist for human rights and mental health.  She practiced as a psychotherapist until she burned out, traveled to Hawaii, and returned to Oakland to open a small dog boarding business in her home.  Her business tanked when Covid hit so she went to the Big Island of Hawaii where she weathered the pandemic.  At 7 years old she was cast as a mechanical doll in “The Clown who Ran Away.”  As an adult she has done a number of solo autobiographical performances, studying with renowned Drama Therapist Armand Volkas. She loves swimming in the ocean, spending time in nature, and having meaningful human connections.  She moved to Eugene after decades spent in the SF Bay Area and appreciates the slower pace and surrounding nature. 

Ramona May – Interlude Musician – (she, her, hers)

Ramona May* fell to earth just 3 years ago, actually wafted to earth, okay okay it was the sacred piece of paper that wafted to earth with the court order launching her new identity. Like many trans folks she has no past, it evaporated when supercharged parchment made contact with earth’s magnetic field, but in another world Ramona made framistats, taught flumpet to alphataurasuses, was a hovertress, and operated a transmogrifier. Now she lives moment-to- moment immanentizing the eschaton, building strum-pedals° for 1 armed guitarists and grooming Rhubarb the psychic stuffed lion.
     *nee Raymond Blair feminized to Ramona and surnamed May because she follows April: April Lawtonguitarist for 70s rock band RAMATAM & rocks 1st t-girl (born Gregory Ferrera)° actual invention irl

Amanda Becker – Ensemble/Choir (she, they)

Amanda is a 40 something, Dom leaning, feisty gender fluid human. Pronouns are She/They. Also known as DeviouslyVibrant, they have been in the Kink lifestyle for over 20 years. 

Starting as a collared slave in San Francisco, she learned about Leather care from the heavy gay leather scene in the area. Finding ritual within the leather care, it became protocol for her to take care of the Toys of the House they served. 

Being in the BDSM scene has been transformational for Amanda and she is looking forward to sharing her unique story and voice through performing.

Eli Munro – Ensemble – (she, her)

As an artist in many media and genres, I have a hard time defining my art. I am a classically trained bronze caster whose real love and devotion is installation. I am a professional chef with over twenty five years under my apron belt.I am the manager of an adult foster home for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. I am the mother of seven children who have all made it to adulthood and generally don’t hate me. I am a two-time wife and full-time sister. I am a she/her. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I am a Dominatrix with a wicked nasty streak. All of these labels should make it easy to pinpoint who I am and yet these things are in no way the summation of my being. More likely, I am an amalgamation soup of every performance, art piece and tear I have ever created. I embody each moon I have danced under naked, every spell I have cast and each trip I have traversed in the light fantastic. I am very excited to be a part of this creation and hope to bring you my own personal transformational journey in kink through my offering

Emmett Rise – Ensemble – (he, him)

I am a cis/het/poly male He/Him. I am an ally to anyone who needs one. I am a good listener and safe space and shoulder. I love hugs. Along with my wife, we own Breathe Toys. I am a service top, Dom, evil sadistic bastard, and teddy bear with consent of course. I have enjoyed our time since we brought our kink out of the bedroom and am constantly surprised when people trust me enough to share their wishes and fantasies with me and still more surprised that they want my help in making them a reality.

This will be my first time on stage in any capacity so I am rightfully nervous. Doing a kink scene in front of hundreds of people is easy as I get to focus on the other(s) in the scene. This is new territory for me, but I have heard it said that doing what scares you can be good for you. So here we go.

I fully believe in the healing power of kink and BDSM. I have seen firsthand what it can do under the proper circumstances. I have also seen what predators can do with it. Others’ trust in me is very important and I take it very seriously. I look forward to demystifying what it is that we do and maybe sharing a bit more of myself at the same time.

Wilcox Gwynne – Ensemble – (xe/xer)

Elemental Creative: artist, author, dancer, healer, traveler and Zen practitioner. I first looked into the shadows of the BDSM and Fetish world in 1996 only to run from the shame until there was nowhere else to hide. In 2003 I embraced the call of my heart diving head first into the Dominant/slave world learning from the bottom side knowing all the time I was headed for the top. The beauty I have seen over the years in my own life and in the transformation of others through kink exceeds my wildest dreams. Writing The Human Pony marked a certain place in the world, but I have been a long time activist and educator in the BDSM, animal roleplay, fetish and LGBTQAI+ communities. This kink journey was always about self-actualization and caring for others from day one and it has singularly been the best life path choices. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had trusted my inner knowing back in 1997. I’m a “late bloomer” in kink, identity and sexual orientation; better late than never. I hold a BA in Art Administration with an emphasis in Performing Arts from Whitworth University which predominantly focused on my work in the Whitworth Ballet and Fine Arts department. Recently I acquired a Graphic Artist certificate from Loyola Marymount University as well as publishing a book last November, Elemental Living: creating a grimoire for life. I spent decades as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator as well as a Reiki Master while raising two children who have grown up to be two amazing adults who I am proud of. I love to travel and learn new things.


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