An exciting new show is in development, slated for performance at the 280 seat Wildish Community Theater in Springfield, Oregon on July 1st & 2nd 2022. The Wildish Theater has been home to two previous shows produced by Transformational Personal Theatre, and we are excited to have this opportunity to return to our theater home. Like all the work of TPT, the intention of the current show is to raise consciousness and promote tolerance, acceptance, and belonging by de-stigmatizing individuals who are marginalized in our culture for the ways they present as being different from the prevailing mainstream paradigm. Through profoundly courageous displays of personal truth, the hearts and souls of the performers are bared, in trust that the audience, as sacred witnesses, will open their own hearts to welcome them in. This is an enormously powerful synergy that is present at every TPT show.

The new multimedia performance honors and celebrates the inner lives, struggles, and triumphs experienced by each member of the ensemble. The focus of the new production is centered on the healing that can be found when participating in, or living, a kink lifestyle. “Kink” refers to any alternative sexual practice, or way of being, that does not conform to traditionally accepted standards of behavior and/or self-identification, which is sometimes referred to as “vanilla.” Kink takes many forms, from seemingly innocuous games played in the bedroom, to activities on the extreme spectrum that can be physically dangerous to engage in. The foundation of all kink-related activities is the principle and practice of mutual consent.

For most in the mainstream, the term “kink,” and the association with BDSM – which according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as: “an overlapping abbreviation of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission, and sadism and masochism” – tends to conjur images and judgements of dark and sinister individuals and practices. This show aims to challenge that stereotype in the stark and raw portrayals of real life experiences, and in exemplifying the ways engaging in kink can be enormously empowering and beneficially life altering.

The show will be performed in two acts. Act one, Shame, will focus on the deep rooted challenges each ensemble member has struggled with in order to find self-acceptance. Act Two, Redemption, will highlight the relief, and sense of freedom, that often can be attained when individuals are able to find and live their most authentic selves.

It is well known that two of the most difficult and taboo topics for people to disclose about themselves are sexual practices, and finances. The performers in this show are exceedingly brave about the former; that is, in revealing their sexual identities and kinks. Just like the well-known adage, “May the person who has never sinned cast the first stone,” those looking into the realm of kink from the outside are asked to check-in with themselves about their sexual fantasies. It is almost guaranteed that there is at least one such arousing thought or image lurking in that private inner sanctum that potentially causes shame. Welcome to your very own kink……May this show help you discover yourself in a new way, while also lifting judgements and stereotypes from your fellow human beings….We are all beautifully and wondrously made, each embodying gifts waiting to be found and used to better the world…..

The video below is the opening of the show…..The ensemble will be moving-from-within, in a circle in time to the beats of the song, according to how the music resonates with each person….

TPOK Invocation 093021_LOCK (1).mp4 from Judith Voss on Vimeo.

We look forward to seeing you in July! In the meantime, please follow our progress on Facebook

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